GreenCo Recycling LLC. Repairs all types of Balers used for Cardboard, Paper, Carpet and Metal throughout Florida.


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We have been in the baler buying, repairing, moving business for 25 years. Over the years manufacturers have changed the way balers get the message to  go up and down.  But all they still do is go up and down and bale stuff.  Sometimes they quit or act crazy.  In most cases it is for a small reason, (if it is a big reason, usually hydraulic oil is spraying all over your building)  but if you donít know how to fix it, seems like brain surgery.  We are good at baler brain surgery.  My guys and I have over 60 years in getting balers going.  We specialize in vertical balers, but also work on horizontal ones.  All of our trucks are outfitted with most repairs parts, seldom do we have to go order a part and come back.  Our goal is to have you up and running when we leave.  We flat rate trip charge, then charge by the hour for onsite repairs.  We will leave you the old parts and show you what we did. 

Up Right Balers Repaired and Refurbished

We rebuild all types of balers.  In some cases, it may be cost effective for you to completely rebuild your machine.  A full rebuild will include pick up and redelivery,  a cylinder repack with high quality packing, we install new hoses, re-weld the platen head and stress points on the frame, we check the motor for ohm resistance to be sure it is not dying, we check every limit switch for working condition, if it is not perfect, we replace it, we replace every transformer, check all buttons and switches for cracks or damaged connectors, paint and add a bilingual safety sticker kit.  Then we take digital pictures of the baler and keep in your file for future reference. If that puppy breaks down, call us first, odds we can fix help you fix it on the phone and send you the part if needed.  Of course a complete rebuild includes a parts and labor warranty.  We have over 175 balers in our fleet and have rebuilt all of them plus a lot more we have sold all over the country and offshore. 


We will give you good service, explain what is wrong with your machine and show you what we did.  You will not feel you are in the dark when we show up and fix that crazy baler. 

Baler Repairs
GreenCo Recycling LLC.

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